Best Shopify Live Chat Apps Make Your Store Professional [Updated 2022]

There are countless ways to make your Shopify store look more professional, but do you know the best way to attract customers and increase the buying experience? With the rapidly changing e-commerce market and customers’ shopping habits, you must constantly adapt and update. Direct and prompt customer support is essential at this time. Therefore, the best Shopify live chat apps below will help bridge the gap between your customers and your store. 

I know that as a merchant, what you care about most is conversion rates but like any investment, creating an ROI requires an ongoing process and quick updates from your online store. Shopify is a place to help your store look new and more professional, but are the built-in features at Shopify enough for your store to optimize in every way? Don’t worry, because Shopify’s great app stores will give you access to the latest technology, elevating your store. This article focuses on optimizing the user experience, so I will introduce you to live chat apps that provide a broad framework of real-time interaction.

 Let’s learn about the great apps right now and check other apps in different categories through our Shopify review series.

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How Live Chat Apps Help Your Shopify Store?

Before we get started, I think we need to clarify what live chat is and how it is today on Shopify. Questions about high bounce rate or cart abandonment problems that continue to happen when you’ve tried to fix it in many ways will be addressed here. If customers can experience by themselves or find support staff easily in physical stores, with online shopping, what do we need to do to fix this?

What is live chat?

best Shopify live chat apps comparison table

Live chat is usually displayed as a small circle in the bottom right corner of the web page. Depending on the e-commerce store’s design, it will approach customers with different questions as soon as customers visit the page. For example, as soon as a customer visits your website, live chat will display the question “How can I help you.” 

If before, we were still familiar with chatbots, pre-programmed technology to answer frequently asked questions from customers, live chat allows you to answer customer questions directly in real-time. Of course, this will bring helpful answers from which to satisfy and attract customers more effectively.

In fact, as a customer service channel, live chat ranks first with 73% votes. It is taller than any other service channel, but Shopify’s available feature in this section is too simple. That is why live chat applications were born. To have a clear picture, I will go into detail about the chat features these applications offer.

Why do you need to use a live chat app?

There are many reasons why you should use the Shopify live chat app. At least if you don’t want your store to be out of date, consider these best Shopify live chat apps. If you enter a saturated niche, omitting live chat will cost your store more customers to join rival stores. Simply, no customer likes slow and tricky customer support systems.

Live chat means customer inquiries are resolved in real-time. This helps to shorten customer response times and provide helpful information. From there, it will increase brand satisfaction and improve user experience. Second, not only beneficial for businesses; live chat is also a favorite form of customer. Phone and email support are fine, of course, but it doesn’t always make sense. For example, your store accidentally calls when customers are busy, or sending emails that you send to customers can go into the spam folder, causing customers to miss information. And in fact, up to 41% of customers choose live chat as their favorite form of store communication, while phone and email support are only 32% and 23%, respectively. 

Ultimately, it helps your store overcome the shopping cart abandonment problem thanks to the strong bond between business and customers. You can support individual customers and turn them into leads quickly. Direct and prompt customer support is also a way to make customers feel valued and cared for. So, no need to spend a lot on phone or email support; live chat apps are an excellent solution for businesses and customers to connect.

Best Shopify Live Chat Apps Review

  Tidio Gorgias Live Chat by Roger Wilco LLC Facebook Messenger – Live Chat Reamaze HelpCenter
Monthly pricing Free 



 $300 $750









Live chat feature 4/5 5/5 5/5 4/5 5/5 5/5
ChatBot ✔️  ✔️ ✔️ ✔️  ✔️ x
Connect with email, Facebook Messenger, and so on 4/5   4/5 3/5 5/ 5 4/5
Customizability 5/5 5/5 3/5 4/5 5/5 5/ 5
Cart saver 5/5 5/ 5 5/5 4/5 5/ 5 5/5
FAQ/Q&A page × x × x  ✔️ ✔️
Multiple store management × 5/5 x x 5/5 5/5
Tracking ability 4/5 4/5 5/5 3/5 5/5 4/5
Integration 5/5 5/5 4/5 x 5/5 N/A

Tidio ‑ Live Chat & ChatbotsTidio ‑ Live Chat & Chatbots

Tidio - best shopify live chat app

If you are looking for applications that increase customer satisfaction, Tidio is one of them. This best Shopify live chat app helps you take care of your customers more quickly and attentively. Of course, if you are satisfied with your customers, your store sales will naturally increase. Indeed this is an effective way and costs less than other methods. 

Specifically, Tidio offers you unique chat features such as 3-in-1 combinations that include live chat, chatbots, and tailored marketing automation of each audience. This means you can optionally combine live chat when you are free and chatbot when you are busy. One obvious benefit of adding this app is the shortening of time to answer customer inquiries while still providing helpful information. Besides, the relationship between your customer and your store will also become stronger as you can track all of the store’s customer activity with Tidio. 

More importantly, the Abandoned Cart Bot recovery feature is also included in the app, an automatic cart abandonment reminder message with nice pictures and discounts. Isn’t this always a problem for e-commerce stores. 

Highlight its main features below. 

  • The bot automatically answers within 30 seconds, 24/7 support. 
  • Allowing you to reconnect with them via Facebook Messenger. 
  • Multi-language support. 
  • Ability to flexibly customize between live chat, chatbots, and email marketing automation. 
  • Integration with more than 20 other applications. 
  • Customer support 24/5. 
  • Providing free mobile apps for both iOS and Android. 

In short, Tidio is the perfect app for Shopify store owners who want to stay connected with customers and create loyal customers. With the claim of giving Shopify stores a 40% increase in sales, this app is an experience worth using.


  • Basic Plan: Free. With this package, you can access three-lifetime operators: live chat, messenger integration, mobile app, and 100 ChatBot usage a month.
  • Communication Plan: $18/month includes live typing preview, visitor list, and viewed page. With any further operations, it costs you $10.
  • ChatBots Plan: $18/month includes every preliminary plan feature and unlimited ChatBot trigger.

Gorgias ‑ Live Chat & Helpdesk

Gorgias mentioned constantly as best shopify live chat app provider

Gorgias offers more than just live chat; instead, it comes with a full-featured help desk system that makes communication between you and your customers smoother. In addition to ensuring customer inquiries are answered quickly in real-time with live chat, the Gorgias app can trigger a contact form to help your online store attract potential customers automatically based on URL, e.g., checkout page. 

And yet, the app allows you to track order details and the conversation history of every customer at the site. This means refunds, cancellations, or duplicates are all done quickly with one click instead of searching for information. Besides, Gorgias allows you to customize the templates to match your brand to build customer satisfaction and trust. 

Speaking of which, you must also see this as a complete customer service application. But let’s get into details below what features this app can offer. 

  • Provide instant reply with live chat. 
  • The ability to manage multiple stores from one place. 
  • Track the number of customers and visit the history of each customer. 
  • Activate live chat interactions on many different pages. 
  • Variety of custom templates and macros. 
  • Manage conversations with customers via phone, social networks, and email. 
  • Integrates with applications like ReCharge, Shipstation, Messenger, Aircall, LoyaltyLion, and so on. 
  • Automatically reward points with loyal customers. 
  • Cancellation, refunding, and copying are simple.

Pricing: 7-day free trial

  • Basic Plan: $60/month.
  • Pro Plan: $300/month.
  • Advanced Plan: $750/month.

The only difference between the plans is the number of monthly tickets you get to use is 350, 2000 and 6000 tickets, respectively.

Live Chat, ChatBot, Cart Saver by Roger Wilco LLC

Another best Shopify live chat app by Roger Wilco LLC

As the name suggests, Live Chat, ChatBot, Cart Saver apps developed by Roger Wilco LLC offer various features and options for connecting with customers. An app that can help your store increase sales, you should not ignore. How? Thanks to this app’s order support, your customers will feel your interest and efforts; From there, you will receive satisfaction. Moreover, even if there is any customer feedback, you will find out quickly because the application will help you collect user feedback to increase your trust and reputation for the store. 

This application, also known as Chatra, is suitable for mobile devices. Besides, this application allows you to keep track of shopping cart content and customer chat history for a continuous and organized movement. Finally, let’s see what you can get out of using:

  • Real-time website visitor list. 
  • Chat history with each customer. 
  • See what customers are texting before they send them (Live typing insights). 
  • Provide an intelligent form bot that helps to respond to customers even when you’re busy. 
  • Provide group chats to solve urgent problems. 
  • Correct typos when chatting directly with customers. 
  • Mobile friendly. 
  • Integration with Facebook Messenger. 
  • Reduce cart abandonment rates.


  • Free Plan: Free includes live chat, chatbot.
  • Essential Plan: $19/month includes all features above.
  • Pro Plan: $29/month includes Essential plan features plus chat ratings & reports, data export, operating hours, agent groups, integrations, API & outgoing webhooks.

Facebook Messenger ‑ Live Chat

Never forget to mention Facebook Messenger ‑ Live Chat

Facebook is evolving, and it has more and more users. Therefore, this is where sellers can reach customers more efficiently than ever. And Facebook Messenger – Live chat developed by Omega will be the tool to help you drive conversion. 

Best of all, the app also boasts one of Shopify’s powerful partners with the ability to foster interaction between store owners and customers. Automated live chat such as “hello, what can I do for you” will help your store connect with customers directly and faster. This is also a completely free feature that allows customers to leave messages any time they want while in your store. Of course, when you’re busy and can’t respond to your customers in time, Facebook Messenger by Omega also allows you to use your chatbot outside. 

Besides, it allows you to customize SMS templates to suit the brand and each customer’s audience. Like the apps above, chat history with customers is easily saved automatically. In particular, Facebook Messenger – Live Chat is extremely easy to use; you do not need to know coding knowledge and can still use it easily with one click. 

Also, its standout features include:

  • Set the on/off time for live chat. 
  • Ability to manage chat history and interact with one screen. 
  • Allows use of automatic messaging in offline situations. 
  • Chatbot support outside the Messenger app. 
  • Ability to customize SMS. 
  • Sync live chat on Messenger with Shopify store. 
  • 24/7 customer support.


  • Basic: Free includes custom features, device targets, and syncing Facebook page with Shopify store.
  • Premium: $4.99/month includes all essential features plus setting working time, page target, CSS customization, and customer support.

Reamaze Live Chat & Helpdesk

Reamaze Live Chat & Helpdesk as one of the best shopify live chat apps

One of the best Shopify live chat apps to mention is Reamaze Live Chat & Helpdesk, developed with the best customer service technology. Reamaze offers live chat and a multi-channel help system on Shopify with the ultimate goal of promoting business. Why? It allows you to reach customers on many marketing channels such as email, Facebook, Twitter, and many other social networking platforms. In addition to real-time customer inquiries, the app allows you to manage multiple Shopify stores in one place, making you even more profitable by connecting different stores. 

What’s more, this app is designed with SEO-friendly script loading to preserve the page load speed after installation. More importantly, you can use all the features without any coding knowledge. Even check orders, shopping cart details, or browsing history are just one click away. 

The features that make Reamaze such an internal standout are:

  • Ability to customize according to specific needs in live chat and email. 
  • Provide FAQ section in chat widget. 
  • Unify your communication experience with live chat, SMS, VOIP, and more. 
  • Provide automated chatbot. 
  • The ability to manage multiple stores in one place. 
  • Displays the push notification and status page. 
  • Automatically collect customer surveys and ratings. 
  • Integration with more than 20 other applications. 

Pricing: 14-day free trial.

  • Basic: $29/month includes live chat, chatbots, unlimited email inboxes, social integration, FAQ, workflows, macros, and 1000 push notifications.
  • Pro: $49/month includes basic features plus multi-store, unified communication experience, viewing list, advanced reports, custom domains, and status page.
  • Plus: $69/month includes Basic + Pro features and some other advanced features such as staff reports, surveys, FAQ history, co-browse, SSO, and 2000 push notifications per month.
  • Enterprise Custom: $899/month, best for Shopify Plus plan.

HelpCenter | FAQ & HelpDesk

HelpCenter live chat brings you the most essential features for a online store

Like Gorgias, HelpCenter not only provides live chat but is a complete customer service solution with three main functions: FAQ generator, Helpdesk, and live chat. The app has everything to help your store increase customer engagement. What’s more, the app setup process is so easy that it doesn’t take you just a few minutes to get started. 

When every store now takes customer experience improvement seriously, HelpCenter is the perfect app. It offers two options for your customers. One is that customers will contact the store directly through live chat and get answered quickly in real-time. Second, customers will fill out the contact form after hours, and the store will get back to you later. Combining multiple options rather than integrating individual applications for different aspects is probably better for your customer service. 

Furthermore, the features that HelpCenter brings you to include:

  • Provide live chat for quick and convenient communication with customers. 
  • Manage multiple channels in a single location. 
  • Automatically save purchase history and requests from customers. 
  • Unlimited live chat via Facebook Messenger. 
  • Multilanguage FAQ generator. 
  • Powerful customization with automated responses, signatures, templates, and more to match your store. 
  • Unlimited email accounts and ticketing agents.

Pricing: 14-day free trial.

  • The free plan includes unlimited Q&A, searching bar, FAQ customization, and unlimited ticketing agents, email, and chat accounts.
  • Premium: $4.95/month includes free features plus contact form, FAQ import/export, custom CSS, advanced support, multilingual, unlimited collection, premium templates.
  • Professional: $29.95/month includes all features. Live Chat Live Chat logo

Our list of the best Shopify live chat apps, is one of the popular technology providers on Shopify that many users trust. Not only live chat but also offers many other applications for your Shopify store. However, here we will just go into one of these applications, called Live Chat. 

This app helps your store increase profits directly from the people who visit your website. Specifically, it is designed based on knowledge and a dedicated ticketing system to increase the online customer experience. Besides, in addition to real-time customer support service, it is also an effective transaction management tool because it allows you to track customers during access. 

And yet, today’s popular social networking applications like Facebook are integrated with make the communication process between you and your customers more accessible than ever. From customer satisfaction and additional purchases, so will your store’s sales. Also, some of the outstanding features of the application include:

  • Easy to use without coding knowledge. 
  • Track website visitors and chat history. 
  • Increase conversions for your store. 
  • Compatible with most different browsers such as iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OSX.


The Live Chat application is 100% free. You do not have to pay to use features like an unlimited number of agents, chat history, or a website. So this is a good point that you should consider using Live Chat.

JivoChat Live Chat

Jivochat is listed to be best shopify live chat app

Facebook is a potential market for any online store, thanks to its vast user base. And indeed, you will not want to ignore these potential customers on social networks. But is attracting and finding customers by handwork? This is where JivoChat will help you. It provides you with various means of communication with customers such as live chat, phone, email, and even Facebook Messenger to increase interaction between your store and potential customers. 

In fact, JivoChat reports that up to 70% of website visitors do not make a purchase, even though you have spent a lot of effort searching for those potential customers. But if they can interact with the business by live chat, the purchasing power will be three times higher. Not only provides a powerful live chat feature, but the app also automatically collects customer’s emails and phone numbers to optimize the convention rate for your store. Besides, a significant part of JivoChat is the multi-agent chat, which reduces the pressure of overloading customers during the engagement process. 

Plus, outstanding features of the application:

  • Ability to have multi-channel conversations with customers. 
  • Provide programmed hotkeys with pre-written messages and send them to customers. 
  • Automatically call back customers in under 27 seconds. 
  • Track real-time website visitors. 
  • Create multi-agent chats. 
  • Supports integration with Google Analytics, Facebook Messenger, Mobile SDK, CRM, Zapier, and Gmail.

Pricing: 14-day free trial

  • Free Basic Plan: Free.
  • Professional Plan: $19/month.

Live Chat by Combidesk

best shopify live chat apps

Improve customer engagement and increase conversion rates that Live Chat by Combidesk’s top two missions aim for. If you are just starting or find it challenging to communicate with customers, this application will remove that barrier, thereby creating satisfaction and increasing store sales. 

As noted above, your presence in the customer shopping process is of utmost importance. In particular, with the live chat feature, customers will feel they are more cared for and cared for from you. Like other Best Shopify Live Chat apps, Live Chat by Combidesk offers a functional automated online chat module, an intuitive chat console, and excellent customer visitor monitoring. Besides, existing products in the customer’s shopping cart will be displayed when you use this app. Therefore, you will know the types of products that customers are interested in, so it will be easy to track and recommend suitable products to customers. 

The main features of Live Chat by Combidesk include:

  • Provide live chat automatically. 
  • Allows you to keep track of current products in the customer shopping cart on the chat dashboard. 
  • Monitor visitors, information like URL, page history, etc. 
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive chat panel. 
  • Integrate Shopify data with chat dashboards. 
  • Offers message templates and Q&A. 
  • Integration with Zendesk and Zopim.

Pricing: 14-day free trial.

You will spend a fixed $ 5 per month using Live Chat by Combidesk. Additionally, external charges may also occur based on your usage levels.

Shopify Chat

shopify live chat logo

Shopify Chat is an application developed by Shopify itself to provide live chat functionality of stores. Shopify has always focused on ease of use, even for beginners, and the app is no exception. Basically, you won’t need any programming skills or coding knowledge to start operating it. 

In addition to its primary purpose of helping you build relationships with customers, the app also helps to remove communication barriers between you and new customers. Besides, it will also automatically integrate your Shopify store with Apple Business Chat and Shopify Ping platforms, where you can build strong customer relationships with many valuable features such as:

  • Ability to customize the chat button in your store
  • Real-time live chat with customers. 
  • Recommend products and create discounts in chat. 
  • Give your customers automated ordering. 
  • Collect new customers’ information. 
  • Track and analyze sales. 

However, the Shopify Chat app also suffers from a few drawbacks, such as restricting access to SMS updates for the Shopify overview page or the Ping app only available with iOS.


The application is entirely free and without any hidden fees.

Final Thought: Best Shopify Live Chat Apps 

For a retail store, namely a Shopify store, you need more than just quality products. The relationship between a customer and you is good or not depends on their experience at the store. Therefore, the live chat feature is the key to helping remove communication barriers between you and your customers. Besides, it also helps your store reduce cart abandonment, which up to 70% of customers will do. 

In short, whatever you need to increase the customer experience can be found in the list of the best Shopify live chat apps above. Choose the one that best suits your business from my suggestions. I hope this article helps you and your online shop!

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